Traditional Feel Living Room Design Ideas

Living room? What is the first impression you can emagined by the word ‘living room’?

Living room is always be a room where all family member could spent their quality time with one another. So a living room is expected to be warm room where all people could be comfortable and able to stand there even in very long time. Besides, a living room also use to be a room to greet the guest. So a living room is the first room that everyone would see when they were visiting the house.

A living room is usually ignored because of it functionality use. We can say that a living room in many house is as same as a restricted area. Why? Because it is a room that use quite little time. To revive your living room, which must be done first is to renovate and redecorate the layout of the interior design of your living room. The living room does not must have be a big room. It also does not have to be fancy. A simple and comfortable living room design can be your choice to decorate the living room of your house. If you are interested in a minimalist simple and modest living room design, then the following living room design is a great choice for you.

As we can see, this living room is place right under the stair and in a small space. Though in a small space we can feel the warmth feeling in that living room. The living room is bring a wood element concept. For example the the cabinet, the tables and even the curtain all are made from wood material. It bring out a traditional feeling. It also complete and match with the brown sofa and a plant near the window. Because of the concept is a traditional simple living room concept, the other ornaments were also made from other architectural elements. Such as a traditional urn above the cabinet. A paint that taped on the wall right above the TV. And even the tea set in the table that place in front of the sofa. Well, it is up to the owner of the house to choose which design should they do for their living room interior design.

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