Small And Fancy Kitchen Ideas

Sometimes, we are facing a situation where we must think hard and causes us to really have to divide the room into a multi-functional room. As you can see in the following kitchen design. The main usefulness of space in the picture is the kitchen. But we could also see a dining rom and also a book shelf behind the kitchen set. We can find a lot of space in this kitchen that can be used for other purposes. Such as for example the dining room.

A small kitchen, does not mean we do not have a place to smuggle a small dining room into the room. Pick a table and chairs with small size and adjust the layout of the room so the room will not look cluttered. In a small space, every inch counts. We must think to make use of all surfaces-walls.

In a small space room, we have to calculate and think all types of furniture that we will use. We should choose the furniture that is simple and does not take up much space.  For example the bookshelves that placed parallel to the kitchen set. The rack can also be a multi-use items. On the one hand it can be used for bookshelves, while on the other hand can be used for plates shelf or other kitchen furniture.

Besides  the kitchen area there is a blank space which can be used as a work area or family room. By applying the white color in the room will make the place look a little wider. No need to insulate the walls, using the bookshelves as a baffle also is not a bad idea to do.

Adjust the layout of a small room with a multi-function is not easy. But try to use glass in some parts of the room. Similarly, the white color, the glass can also make a small room look spacious. Choosing a chair and a table with a unique shape and small size can also be a solution for a small room.

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