Decorating A Small Living Room

A living room is always be a favorite room to decorate. Why?Because in a living room we get to see everyone personal taste in designing their house. There are several style in decorating the interior of the house, especially the living room.

A living room does not always mean a large room with many sofa or chair and with a fancy look of main table in middle of the room. A house that only has a small space as their living room might be impossible to have a living room if the standard of having a fancy living room was a large space.

Small living room like the following one is also able to look fancy and stylish if we have some home furnishing basics. The first thing to choose is the furniture s. Filling the living room with too much furniture is totally wrong. Especially in a small living room. Choose the furniture s based on the functions you need. Such as the sofa, add only as much as you need. Even if it only one sofa. You can place the sofa in lined with the tv so the sofa’s function would be a place to sit while watching the TV. Besides, this sofa also can be a place to spend your free time while reading a book by putting a reading light above the sofa. Then try to furnish in pairs, such as matching the sofa and sofa’s pillows. To complete a living room area, complete it by adding a small occasional table between the tv cabinet and the sofa.

Then for the rest space, we have a little space near the window. Decorating this space by use it as a space to work is not a bad ideas. You can place a desk right patch to the wall under the window and adding a chair to complete this work space. Although we use this space as a working space, other area, whole living room area will still manage to get the air and the sun light from outside because the desk does not cover the window.

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