Bedroom Design Ideas

The cramped and irregular bedrooms make the room atmosphere becomes uncomfortable for the owner. The bedroom is the favorite room for everyone, from small children to the elderly. Most of the people naturally spend a lot of time in the room, it might be just for reading a book, listening to a music, learning, lunch break as well as a restful night.

Everyone have the desire and individual taste in decorating their own bedroom.
Woman’s bedroom is usually identical with elegant and beautiful impression with a touch of pink or pastel colors. On the other hand the children’s room that are usually have festive impression, colorful or full with other adornments such as dolls and flowers.
Here is one example for a child’s bedroom that brings the concept of crowded or festive with fresh concept with a green color theme.

The first thing we can see from this room is the color of the walls. Instead of using paint as the color of the wall, in this bedroom it use a floral scetch wallpaper. Using the wallpaper can be another inspiration for your bedroom. Wallpaper has many unique scetch with fresh and colorfull look.

The color theme of this bedroom design is green color. We can see many furnitures in this bedroom which is green color. For example the bed. The bed look tidy with the combination of green and pinky floral scetch as its bed cover. Beside the bed, there is a small table which use as the space to place a sleeping lamp. In the other side of the bed there is a small and cute dressing table. And then beside the dressing table is a desk, similar look with computer desk, complete with the chair, where the kids can use it to study or many similar things.

This room is a smaal room and only have a limited space, but with the right layout this room can turn into a tidy and comfortable bedroom. Lastly, a small cabinet place right to the wall so it doesn’t spend much space.   

Cute And Fresh Look Bedroom Ideas

Baby bedroom also the trend this past years. With so many cute and stunning nany bedrooms ideas in the internet. Baby bedroom is a bit different from the regular bedrooms. Because baby bedroom onlyhave many small furnitures. For example the bed itself, the cabinet, the buffet, the chair and the curtain as well. So the problem is how to manage this cute little things into the right place and the right design.

Baby will always identically with cuteness. Cuteness have many ways, maybe million ways to do, and with almost all kind of color in this world. Not only the basic color but also mixed color or mixed print can use to cute design.

As like in this bedroom design which is dominated with the color of green. Still manage to look cute in the brown-green-polkadot paint. Still look cozy with the hood furniture. And looked fresh in green color.

Green color place all over the wall and that makes the bedroom fresh. It was the right thing to do because green is a health color and it is good for the sight of the baby. It can stimulated the sight of the human. A cute little sofa and table which put beside the bed make the bedroom look cute.

We can see polkadot in many furnitures like in lamp, the bedcover, and also the baby toys. It look a bit crowded but thats what makes this room lively. Because this is the baby room which must keep lively and cheerful everywhere. The white eindow with the polkadot small curtain make the room look perfect in minimalist ways. The small hoody cabinet can use to place the baby toys or other baby things. Making a box cover with the same polkadot paint as the place to put the toys or baby clothes and place it beside the bed make the room more lively. Place the other furnitures with the other color inside the cabinet or the bag besides the bed. This kind of bedroom design is a lively rom with fresh look.  

Gatter More Nature Feel In Your Bedroom

A bedrooms is everyone private room and anyone can decorate their bedrooms ith their own style. There are people who is love to be one with the nature. These people usually like something traditional and has a classic taste in choosing the material for their interior.

For you who likes a traditional feel in your bedrooms, a rustic style can be your best choice. A rustic interior design always look of original unique and stylist at the same time. The color of this rustic bedrooms looks like a sun-washed colors, desrt colors, toned of sand and wood of course and it feel like we entering a cowboys and western movie.

At the light glance we can see nothing less than a really pure rustic room with every furnitures in the house combined with the color theme. A bull’s horn in the bed make it look masculine.It is a good thing to choose a heavy wood for the bed. And for the lighting, you should pick a yellow-tone lighting system in order to bring out the mood. Choose a simple bed cover such a only a basic color of bed cover so it wont ruin the mood of rustic style. For other furnitures such as the tables, do not forget to pick a wooden table so it will matches with the wooden room.

What makes a rustic bedroom style always bring warmth and comfort to their owner is because of the decorations of rustic bedroom are all made with traditional furnitures. If it is not a wooden furnitures, you might choose other nature elements such as the stone –river stones- or bamboo. It does not matter wheter you live in rural area or in a crowded city, you can always have your own rustic bedroom. If you want to add an ornaments or something related to it in a rustic bedrooms, you should choose something that can reflects the nature of the bedroom. If it is a paint or a picture, it should come in with well-carved wood frames. The best choice for the rustic bedrooms mostly be a painting of animals or pieces that depicting the forest.