Amazing Living Room Design

Riding a jet with amazing interior design would be really nice and everyone dreaming about riding that kind of jet. Have you ever imagined we wont aware of the time when we are in a really luxurious room. A luxurious jet interior design will hypnotic us with it looks.

The following picture is one of the most luxurious jet lounge interior design review for you. Maybe one time you will face the situation or a job that require you to design the interior of a jet. When that time came, this is one of inspiration that can be your inspiration.

By slight look, we could feel the amazing look in this design. The first thing in this lounge that catche our eyes is the sofa which is gold color that spend almost half cycle of the main lounge area. That sofa looks absolutely comfort and wonderful. It is really suitable with the jet theme. Not only that gold sofa, an oval shape of table which look like it was made from glass material and also has gold color complete with a small sculpture on it make the lounge feel like greek era. Despiting the sofa that spend almost half of main area, it only paired with only a small oval shape table made from wood and has unique carved on it. In two other side of the sofa, there is a single sofa that look as comfort as the gold sofa could be.

In whole of the room and in the other side of the lounge, there are many other chair and sofa that place everywhere but still keep in a good layout. The other sofa and chair are manage into sub group, of course with the table around it. Such as a long chair that place near the jet window and the other chair that place near the wall with the paint of a lady and her baby.

Behind the gold sofa there is a desk with bunch of document on it. The architectural concept in this jet lounge look luxurious because of the amazing lighting. As we can see on the ceiling there are so many lighting that spread almost half of the lounge.  

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